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Everyone around me is always fighting. There is constantly tension in the air. We are all forced to be there; I don't understand the point of all the hatred and the whispering and the passive aggressive treatment. Yes, we can't all get our way and things don't even go the way I want sometimes, but this is becoming fairly constant. I already have a lot of pressure on me and I try to treat everyone fairly despite being told I shouldn't or that I don't have to, but fairness and equality are important to me. No, I don't like everyone. No, not everyone gets the same treatment because not everyone works as hard or as well. But I'm doing my best and I try to make working an enjoyable experience for everyone, and it just seems like no one appreciates how hard I try for them, and for everyone.

I would like to think we have these problems because everyone around me is very young. But I doubt it. I don't know any really "adult" adults in my life. Everyone has seemed to fail to grow up, and their children and future children suffer from it. Maybe the world is going to shit, or maybe the culture in my small sample size is just ugly. I just wish I could think better of the young people I spend time with.

Side note: Alcohol is a BIG problem with these kids. Marijuana is a bit of a problem, too, but it doesn't seem as widespread, and it doesn't seem to make people behave quite as badly (probably because it is less socially and legally accepted). I'm really glad I quit drinking a long time ago because it really grosses me out. It doesn't bother me if they have a decent control on their drinking habits, but I know several of them have ACTUAL addiction problems.
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